Binary Options Bonus

Binary option is a trading style in which the payouts are characterized by very high percentages, provided that your strategy is successful. Generally, you are offered a payout rate of almost 70% to 80%. Payout rates of almost 95% and even 100% rates are also possible. The payout rates vary in accordance with the type of trade you conduct, and with the platform which your broker offers you. As such, the profits are quite impressive which make binary options trading a preferred style.
If the binary options trading method is compared to other trading styles, then also it can be a better choice. Since the assets can only move either up or down, there are reduced chances of unfavorable conditions. As such, there will often not be a need for you to close the position manually which would help you earn at the same payout rates. However, in other forex markets, if a trader chooses to close a position by himself, the payouts are reduced and so the profits are less.
Even by itself, the binary option trading style does let you enjoy significant earnings. However, there are several brokers that offer plenty of binary bonuses, if you open an account with them. Utilizing these will help you increase your profits even more.

The concept of trading bonus was not common in the forex market before 2006. But then competition arose in the market, and so many brokers started offering various bonus options, so that they could gain an edge in the market while allowing the traders to earn even more amounts. Ever since then, this phenomenon has caught the market by storm, and now there are several binary options promotional deals that you can enjoy. All the best brokers of this year i.e. 2013 also offer a variety of these, particularly if you open an account with them for the first time. If you read an online review about these brokers, you would know exactly what options each of them offers.


Every broker offers different types of promotional offers. However, there are two main kinds: first deposit bonus and additional deposit bonus. The former of these is applicable when you deposit money for the first time into your account and the latter can be availed when you add more money into your account.

Generally, a broker has more attractive options for first time deposits than offers he would make for later deposits. Some of these might offer you a bonus of 50%, whereas others may offer you a 100% bonus. These bonuses are often subjected to limitations. For instance, a broker is offering you a deposit of 50% or $1000. This means that even if you deposit an amount greater than $2000, you would still get only $1000 as a bonus. Other brokers may offer you just fixed bonuses instead of a percentage of the amount you deposit.

Withdrawing Binary Options Bonuses

Though binary bonuses are aplenty in the forex world, they are not free in the sense that you cannot withdraw them anytime that you want to. You will have to generate a trading commission that is either equal to or more than the bonus offered but your broker. Only then will you be eligible for withdrawing the bonus. Most of the brokers require you to invest increased amounts before allowing you to withdraw the bonuses. Thus, you have to put more at stake.
If you are unsure about the binary options trading style, then it is highly recommended that you do not try to avail any promotional offer until you develop your skills. You can do this by practicing with a free demo account. Once you grasp the style and make several wins, only then should you start depositing real money.

Choices for Binary Options Brokers

Through there are many choices for a binary options broker out there, a few names have been given more preference than others in 2013. If you want to trade binary options, choose a renowned name like 60 Seconds and Bbinary so that you can enjoy a large variety of deposit bonus offers that exceed 100%. Read an online review before opening an account with them, and you will be able to make a better choice.